Ancient Greek Coin, Pearched Eagle & Vase on Aegean Sea, 3rd Cent. BC, 11mm

This coin was minted in the minted in the

ancient town of Kyme, Aeolis , a city in Asia Minor on the western side of the Aegean Sea in what is modern-day Numrut, Turkey. Because of its location on the Sea, trade prospered in this city. It was used as a place for Xerxes I to launch the Persian naval attack on mainland Greece in 480 B.C. Kyme suffered a devastating earthquake during the Roman Imperial period under Tiberius. It was rebuilt and survived into the Byzantine period as evidenced by a few archeological finds.

Greek Eagle

In ancient Greek times, the eagle symbolized strength and power. The eagle was Zeus's symbol and his messenger. The story of the Zeus/eagle myth began when the eagle flew by the Olympian gods as a good omen of victory in their war against the Titan's. In this war Zeus defeated his father, Kronos. He then took the bird as a symbol of his new rulein the heavens. The bird, named Aquila, retrieved Zeus's thunderbolts for him and carried his messages.

Here are this small coin's attributes:
Ancient Greek AE (11 mm, 1.12 gm) OBV: eagle standing right REV: K-Y, one-handled vase
Kyme, Aeolis mint Sear 4187 3rd century B.C.
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