Ancient Greek Silver Drachm Coin of Alexander the Great - 323 BC

A beautiful and famous coin type. An ancient Greek silver drachm of Alexander the Great. Struck circa 323 BC.

The obverse with a portrait of the demigod, Herakles shown facing right, and clad in the skin of the Nemean lion.

The reverse with Zeus enthroned left holding an eagle in his outstretched right hand and resting on a long vertical sceptre with his left. The inscription reading:


"Of Alexander"

Alexander was one of the greatest leaders and military tacticians to have ever lived. His Empire covered an enormous portion of the Earth's surface and his influence on western culture is so profound that it is hard to underestimate. Alexander and his new Macedonian army, composed of highly effective Phalanx units, were responsible for the 'hellenization' of lands as far away as the Hindu Kush in modern-day Pakistan-Afghanistan.

Diameter: 19 mm.

Weight: 4.15 g.


Ex. British private collection.

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