Ancient Roman Christian Coins Constantine Dynasty Premi

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Ancient Roman Christian Coins

The 1st Christian Emperor

Constantine Dynasty


"Certificate of Authenticity"

4 th CENTURY AD ROMAN BRONZE NUMMUS Coins of the Constantine Dynasty:

My Ancient coins come in 5 grades;

· Culls – show little or no detail

· Good Promo Grade – Shows good detail. Some more than others (most coins fall in this category)

· Medium Grade – Shows more detail than the promo grade. In about “fine” condition.

· Premium Grade – shows the most detail and are in at least “very fine” condition

Premium Grade Plus - Better than Premium Grade. Coins in at least "extra fine" condition

These coins would be in about a Premium Grade (see photos and you decide)

1st photo stock to show detail of the coin

I also have this coin in a Good Promo Grade for only $22.99


4th century Roman bronze coin of the Constantine Dynasty. Constantine I, the Great, and his 3 sons converted the Roman Empire to Christianity, established the Papacy, the Eastern Christian Church in Constantinople, and convened the First Council of Nicaea. The first Roman Emperor to Embrace Christianity were Flavius Valerius Constantinus
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