ANCIENT SILVER Cross Coin Ancient Old God Jesus Christ European Thaler Antiquque

~ A Rare Silver 1620's Thaler Coin

Amazing condition relic. When $19 is reached, high bidder gets a free 1600's -1800's copper pirate times coin. Mailed next day with tracking. Free coin & combined shipping details below listing ~

Outstanding details. This is an insane polish silver coin. The image of a cross (possibly Christian)? It is authentic with the sought after sworded knight on a horse on two legs and eagle images, right in the middle of the golden days of piracy when the Jolly Roger skull and crossbones flags sent terror through seafarers. It is very thin and almost penny size with great classic engravings.

*** Shipping: tracking plus .98 handling. Faint partial date. This genuine coin is insane. Sought after and famed. Classic pirate coin images!

Made of silver. Very interesting markings. Genuine European Polish 1600's coin, right in the middle of the Pirate era when they roamed the seas & made folklore legends.

Pirates looted over gold & silver, although relatively rare, and some worth thousands. A few polish seafarers were unfortunate when trading with parts of Europe and fell victim to pirate counterparts.

Nice to make out some of the engravings! My family received several Spanish coins quite a while back from an estate in Spain, mostly from the late 1500's &
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