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Silver Garnet Gemstone Ring!


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You are bidding on a very rare ancient Medieval Silver Ring centered with a beautiful Hand Faceted Night Garnet gemstone!

The Moorish and the Almoravides Empires fought against the Christians during the Southern Medieval Crusades. Among their centers of power was the Iberian Peninsula. This is the same type of jewellery worn by a citizen during the Medieval Crusades and later. This style of jewellery begain during the middle Byzantine PeriodAD. The Berber people who descended from the Almoravides continued the same traditions throughout Iran, the Sahara and Iberian Peninsula through the late Byzantine period. This jewellery is consistent with the same designs and has endured the test of time.

Ancient jewellery, from those examples that have survived, prove to be a trove of imagination and variation. In ancient days, jewellery distinguished an individual in many ways. Rings represented the language of social code and
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