Ancient Tibetan antique 3 eye agate Dzi stone bead

OFFERED HERE; Dzi bead is a stone of mysterious origin worn as part of a jewelry. In Tibetan culture, the bead is considered to provide positive spiritual benefit as well as inner peace of mind.

The 3- Eyes DZI helps the wearer overcome all negatives forces and gives noticeable relief from at least THREE types of suffering, including loss of wealth, sickness, accidents, being cheated; getting robbed and losing one' loved one. It enables the wearer to speed up the achievement of important goals and remove obstacles that delay projects . It is believed that the three-eyed DZI brings a good balance between Yin and Yang. The wearer of the stone should be helped to find the root of happiness and good karma while sadness and suffering in life will be eliminated. I have a videos which will assist you to understand its rarity and value. Please do not make any offer or buy it IF you have any questions or hesitant about buying it. I highly encourage you to ask question prior to making any offer or buying it. Thank you and Good luck.

Bead size approx. (mm): long 36 width 16


Thanks for looking. NR.