Andrea SG_100Microphone, anti noise.

In good condition, not sure that it has ever been used. See below for spec'.

The Andrea Electronics SG-100 unidirectional Shotgun microphone offers the highest quality and performance available in a low priced single element microphone.

This compact product offers the perfect balance of microphone sensitivity and directional reception in a small package. Perfect for mobile recording applications such as; Court room recording, meeting room recordings, Lecture recording, or for use with VOIP communication and video conferencing PC applications.

Product Features:

Enhanced microphone sensitivity for far-field sound reception
Highly directional polar response Angling base for direction pointing Sleek acoustic design Small size for ease of portability 40 Inch Shielded Cable 3.5 mm plug


Compatible with most major digital recording devices, computers and laptops.
Compatible with Andrea's PureAudio® USB-SA Digital Audio Adapter. The USB-SA includes Andrea's Audio Commander software suite, with PureAudio® digital noise reduction for clean noise free recording, digital mic boost and EchoStop for full-duplex speaker phone functionality for use with VoIP communication applications. Andrea USB-SA needed for Mac input (no filters)