Andrew Jackson Hand Signed 1830 Land Grant

This auction is for a 1830 Land Grant that has been signed by Andrew Jackson.According to historians Jackson was the last President to hand sign Land Grants and that he only signed Land Grants in his first term.In his second term they were secretarially signed.This item has been attached to a wood plaque for display purpose.The best i can tell the Land Grant has been glued to the wood plaque and has a plastic cover over the land Grant which i believe was also glued were it would not come off.I think the previous owner had done this to protect the Land Grant.It has several small cuts on the paper but nothing real bad and the signature of Jackson is still good and visible!!!!!!! As you will see in the pictures it is in real good condition to be 179 years old! The item can be displayed on your desk or hung on your wall.It is a really nice piece! If you have any questions just ask and i will answer them the best that i can! Good Luck Bidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!