ANDRUW JONES 1999 Topps Autograph BV $25

CHECK OUT all of the autograph cards being listed tonight ! ! ! A little bit of this and a little bit of that ! ! ! And ALL STARTING at $0.99 ! ! ! Get some real bargains and help me cut down on my inventory....
Some 2000 SPx, some Stitches in Time, 96 Leaf, some 2001 and 2002 GOTGs, PTTs, some 97 & 98 Donruss sigs, 2001 Ultimates, 2001 Sig Sigs and some 1998 Topps Autos. IF I can get them all posted while watching the Cardinals/Mets game on TV ! ! !
If you are trying to fill these sets or if you are collecting one or more of these players it would be a good idea to bid !!! You never know when they will show up again.
If you have questions about the card in this auction or others please contact me before you bid . These cards are available only to USA and Canada bidders. Also, payment must be made in US funds only by means of PayPal (but I do NOT like eChecks -- the wait is not good for either of us!!!), Cashiers Check or Money Order. NO PERSONAL CHECKS please as, once again, the wait is the problem.

Once the auction ends I ask that you let me know within two days when you will be paying for the card and how.
Payment should be received within seven days of the end of this auction.