Andy Griffith Show 1960 FORD PATROL CAR exact REPLICA

Thanks for taking time to check out my incredible selection of autographs and memorabilia from the Andy Griffith Show. This is a 1960 FORD MAYBERRY PATROL CAR. This car measures nearly 9 inches long and is nearly 3 1/2 inches wide. Everything about this model is correct. The detail on the engine, the interior, the DASH, and the undercarriage is exact for this replica car. You can see the fuel tank, transmission and mufflers. You will never find another replica of this caliber. T is even a WHIP antenna attached. The hood can be removed on this model to view the engine compartment and the engine details will blow your mind. You can see every detail including headers, valve cover gaskets, power steering and pulleys, etc!. The decal on the side of the car reads SHERIFF MAYBERRY. The paint is also correct for the Mayberry Patrol car. IN all of my years of collecting Mayberry memorabilia I have never seen any other MODEL patrol cars that are as correct and fine as these I have for sale on ebay right now. Also be sure to check out my other Original Redd Foxx SANFORD and SON original photos. Many of these photos and other memorabilia came directly from his estate sale when he passed. Be sure to check out my other Sanford and Son autographs and photos as well as Andy Griffith Show memorabilia and autographs. I also have PAM CLOCKS, Bubble ... read more