Condition: A VeryGood example of the Softcover Warhol Index (Book). I am the original owner of this First Printing. I picked it up in New York on a visit when I was young and opened the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade with a musical group I was part of. To the best of my knowledge is complete with all of the pop-ups and ephemera outside of the Lou Reed record.
Castle attached functioning, accordion attached, bi-plane pop-up is attached functioning, spring mounted "Chelsea Girls" disc and spring are present but detached from page. Lou Reed record is detached and not present. Tomato can attached and functional, balloon is present and as per usual has melted and fused the two pages together; and effected the binding (as in all copies I've seen). I've shown this in picture number 8. There is also a slice out of the top of the binding shown in picture number 9. The yellow Andy Warhol price sticker was long ago removed from the front cover. All in all a nice copy of the very rare, amazing book.
I am listing this item with a very low reserve just to protect myself from having to give it away.
There are no returns, so please contact with any questions.
Handling fee will include insurance as well as delivery confirmation.