"Angel of Charity" Plate by Sandra Kuck Little Angel Collection w/COA 1994

Little Angle Plate Collection by Sandra Kuck

"Angle of Charity"

Artist ~ Sandra Kuck

Plate # AC 529


Produced by Reco in a limited-edition restricted to 96 firing days.

Condition: No chips, cracks or crazing.

**Includes all COAs & Ships with original box**

I am liquidating my Mother's collectable store after her passing. All the items in my listings are new but most of the boxes have been opened. Many have also been on display in her store and a lot of the boxes have her selling price written on the box. I would list them as new but with the box having been opened I prefer to disclose the condition this way. Unless stated all have no chips or blemishes and are including original box and certificate if issued with one.