Anglo concertina Jones 34 button c/g

This 5 fold bellows, c/g 34 button steel reed, Jones, number 5837, has all new valves, pads and pallets. The bushings have been replaced, as have the chamois seals. Springs have not been replaced. The instrument is tuned to A440. The bellows are original and firm, the patterns in very good condition. The instrument does not any leak air. There are new hand straps.
The instrument shows few signs of wear, although the French polish is slightly crazed, which you may be able to make out in the photos. For something well over 100 years old it is in superb condition.
It is a beautiful looking and sounding instrument, a sweeter and more even sound than my Lachenal. It is also a little heavier than an equivalent Lachenal, and this is possibly what gives it the more rounded resonance.
The levers are a riveted action, firm and precise, and buttons of even height.
There is a D and C drone, a whistle and a cockcrow on the left side.
It comes in its original leather case, which except for a missing handle and key is in excellent condition. The lock works, I managed to borrow a key..
I have a number of concertinas, (another of which is also a very nice Jones, but not for sale), and am selling this one to contribute to my son's school trip overseas next year. Over the next few weeks I will also be putting some
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