Animagic Benji My Best Friend Soft Toy NEW!!!! THIS ITEM IS AN UNWANTED CUSTOMER RETURN Animagic Benji My Best Friend Soft Toy Benji is a little white West Highland Terrier with bundles of character. It’s easy to be taken in by his adorable charms. He really is your best friend and behaves just like a real puppy.

Benji makes a very special gift for children and for those who want to look after a real dog, he is the next best thing. He is ideal for teaching children the responsibilities involved in looking after a real animal, and also of the fun you can have with them.

Play Tug-of-War with Benji Meet Benji My Best Friend Tickle Benji Benji Can Bark and Wag His Tail This 33cm tall pup behaves just like a real pet. Benji will sit up, bark and wag his tail when he sees you. How does he do this? Benji is so realistic because he has sensors all over his body which enable him to sense when you walk into a room.

Tickle him under the chin to see him move his head up and down. Stroke his back and watch him waggle his ears and wiggle his eyebrows. You’ll always know what mood he's in.

Benji Can Play Tug-of-War You can even play tug of war together with his rope which is included in the box. Put it in Benji’s mouth and he’ll try and tug it away from you while playfully growling. Play with Benji and teach him tricks. Benji Sleeps
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