Relaxing after a hard nights work!

Santa's soaking his feet while Mrs. Claus knits. Santa says "Soak, soak, soak my tired, aching feet" 3 times when you press the button on his chair. Mrs. Claus sits in her rocking chair knitting while humming "Santa Claus is Coming To Town." She is motion activated. Just give her a nudge and she starts humming. It appears that she used to move her arms but they do not work at this time. Other than that they are both in excellent condition.

I've been collecting Santa for 20 years. Seems the collection is getting too big. 1252 Santa's and I can still think of some I would like. The only way that could happen is with an addition to the house. My wife says I need to scale it down. She doesn't understand.

So, comes some of the 250, or so, I've decided to part with. Be sure to check out my other items up for bid. Many of my Santa's are being offered in lots. All Santa's from a non-smoking home. I can't guarantee that some of the antique Santa's did not come from a smoking home but they have been smoke free since coming into my possession.

A low starting price and NO RESERVE!!!