Animated Christmas Charlie Brown Snoopy Lucy

Santa's Best - Holiday Animation - I am offering Charlie Brown, Lucy and Snoopy as a set.

Charlie Brown is carrying a snowball and bhis head and arms move. He is dressed in a blue cap. red scarf, brown jacket black pants and green mittens, he is so adorable. He works on AC power not battery power. He approximately 22" high. His scarf and arms move and can be adjusted as you wish.

Lucy is dressed in a purple jacket with green pants and is approximately 20" high. Her blue, purple and white striped snow cap is adorable. She is ice skating and has green mittens and a blue scarf. Her head and arm move ever so slowly. She is so cute! Lucy works on with battery or AC. She requires 2 C batteries ( which is what I have always used for her and what she was tested on ) She has the option of working on 3 Volt AC as well (t is NO adapter for this) of which I have never used.

Snoopy is of course carrying Woodstock and is approximately 17" high. He works only on Battery power. ( 2 C's ) He is dressed in a red and green scarf and a matching hat. Hi head and arms move.

All three have their original boxes and are in good working order.

This collection has been stored in the attic for the past several years. I will be listing all of these figurines on Ebay in the next few days. All items will be 3 days listings
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