Animated Little Blonde Farm Boy Porcelain Doll Overalls Straw Hat &Checker Shirt

This vintage 100% porcelain sweet little farm boy is ready for his chores. He stands 20" tall and arm to arm about 8" wide.
Dressed in his cotton denim colored overalls, white shoes, straw type hat and blue cotton checkered shirt, he comes with a stand that fits snugly under his arms. His shoes are a bit soiled---part of his country charm!
He has a cute little blonde butch haircut and his face is ever so lifelike! Mouth slightly open, his little teeth are peeking out of a wonderfully detailed mouth. Cute as a button with big wide brown eyes, too.
With jointed legs and arms, he can sit or stand. His arms are heavy, so he might not want to pose for you, but he is oh so sweet just as he is!
Don't hesitate....make an offer :)