Animated Tormented Zombie Halloween PROP

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If you're into SHOCK value for Halloween, this is the animated prop for you. This full life size prop is sure to make them scream with fright. When the sensor detects audio or noises, it comes to life with a bone chilling scream and if that isn't enough, his arms pull his head off. Yes, it detaches straight up and off! When the routine is complete, it resets with the head back on his neck waiting for more unsupecting visitors. The more they scream, the more he pulls his head off. Comes with an AC adapter. Another great feature is that if you don't have an electrical receptacle available, you can install 4 "D" batteries (not included) and place him anyw you wish. Put a pair of pants on him in a chair at your door or in front of a tombstone. Prop should be protected from the weather. I purchase him new, but will not be able to use him this year. Removed from the box for testing and Ebay photo only. Ships in his original box with AC adapter. Due to the size of this prop, shipping and insurance is $20.00. PayPal only please.