Worked in both coloured silks and very fine work, this sampler is typical of many early 19th century Scottish samplers. With the representation of a house displaying two sides with additional extension to the right, this would have infact been the barn, built on the side of thge house so acting as additional weather protection and insulation to that side of the building. As with most Scottish samplers t are basket of flowers, fruiting trees dogs, birds and a pair of large peacocks. The whole sampler worked within a strawberry border pattern.

At the top of the sampler we have different styles of alphabets in capital letters, all worked in very fine wool.The bottom line of this has the sewers parents names Thomas Reid & Anne Deane followed by the initials ER, TR, and JH. Between her parents name a wonderful heart. Again below these names additional pairs of initials, her grand parents WR, AM & WW , JH.

The bottom half of the sampler has the pictorial spot motifs and a central verse "In thy fair book of life divine, let me behold my name, engraven in some humble place beneath the slaughtered lamb, worked in silk, t are additional initials in blue of JR & WI before the sewers nane ANNE REID 11 ( her age ) and the date 1816.

The sampler measures 12 3/4 x 17 1/2 inches and is sewn onto acid free conservation

The sampler is in good condition with only the minimal age spotting towards the bottom left corner were t are two small holes on the very edge. No colour run and little fading if any.

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