Annette Himstedt Baby Taki Doll... To Love or Reborn!

Large Himstedt Baby Taki Doll needs a home. For love or reborning.

This adorable Himstedt baby needs some love. I rescued her from going to the dumpster. Cleaning up dirty dollies is fun in itself, this is how she is now…..

Taki is a very heavy baby doll, 4 lbs 8 oz and she is 22" long. She is the size of a baby, and looks and feels like a real baby. She has a cloth body and quality vinyl head and limbs. Her cloth body was always clean, and free from stains and odors.

Taki's problems are that someone tried to pierce her ears, pierced one ear and just started to pierce the second ear. She has two small nicks on the left side of her face. (I guess that happened when trying to pierce the ears). She has some clear and hard, what looks like varnish or clear nail polish or clear glue, on her mouth and just a little of the clear stuff in her nostrils, some on her fingers and on her right toes. Please see the photos.

The other problem with her is her missing hair plugs, especially in the front of her head. That also shows in the photos.

Taki is ok with me the way she is now, but I would think this doll would be a joy to reborn….especially her hair.

Now for the good stuff….Annette Himstedt dolls are so amazing and lifelike and baby Taki is just that. She is a delight to look at and even
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