Annette Himstedt Doll Barefoot Children Kathe

Kathe", by Annette Himstedt Barefoot Children Series 1986 Kathe is 28" tall. Beautiful auburn HUMAN hair wig and original clothes. Doll wears green dress & apron, white bloomers and petticoat Doll is in ( very ) lightly played-with condtion. Her hair has been re-styled. When the braids are removed, her hair falls long and full. Very pretty. Doll has authentic markings ( see photos. ) Her wig is loosely attached in the back, so you can lift it and see authentic imprints. See photos Doll does not have her original box or certificate. She comes to you "as is." I only accept Paypal Payment must be made within 24 hours after auction ends. If payment is not received on time the eBay non payment process will be followed. No International Buyers Please read item description. I am happy to answer any questions you have. Please ask BEFORE you bid. Items will be shipped within 24 business hours following payment. Shipping addresses to the United States only. No out of USA mailing .

This doll is a collectible item.

It is NOT intended to be used by a child as a plaything.

Please note: I was proud of a 100% positive rating until I had the misfortune to sell an item to a dishonest person. Although Ebay was aware of documented issues with this particular individual, they did nothing to intervene on my behalf. I am not a high
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