Annette Himstedt Puppen Kinder "AYOKA" 28 Inch Doll

Beautiful 1989/1990 African Child 28 Inch Ayoka Doll by Annette Himstedt with Original Clothes

Today, recognized as the world's most celebrated and influencial doll artist, Annette Himstedt continues to delight us with her amazing talent and ability to capture the unique spirit of a child. With every collection Annette has attempted something new and different, putting no limitations on her creativity. Each series is unique...unlike any other dolls ever seen. This continuous innovation has ensured that her past editions continue to be in constant demand.

This lovely black ethnic doll is very beautiful. She is a 28 inch tall doll that is molded in vinyl after the likeness of a real African child in original costume by doll designer Annette Himstedt, 1989/1990. Ayoka is from the "Reflections of Youth" series. The brown-complexioned doll has brown inset eyes, human hair with elaborately beaded tresses and braids, so adorable! Very good condition with no odor, no repairs and all original, with box. All original underwear, white slip and bloomers. A beautiful doll, is a work of art and bears the engraved signature of the artist herself. Please check back often as I am selling my Himstedt collection as time permits.

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