Annihilation Conquest Volume 2 Hardcover GN NM DNA Nova

Annihilation Conquest Volume 2


Javier Grillo-Marxuach,
Dan Abnett, &
Andy Lanning The next Annihilation epic continues with the newest addition to Marvel's galaxy of sci-fi stars and the last remaining Nova Corps centurian, as the action builds to the main event! Who is the haunted loner known as Wraith? What are his chilling powers, how did he get them, and what is the tragic quest that drives him? Meanwhile, Rich Rider stood toe to toe with Annihilus, but can the Human Rocket face a foe that has an entire galaxy on lockdown? What will happen when a man used to flying anywhere finds himself trapped with nowhere to run? And finally, in the wake of the Phalanx's sneak attack on the Kree Empire, heroes separated by distance but united by willpower have taken their first steps toward liberating a galaxy in peril. Now, all the threads begin to weave together -- and if you thought the surprises were over, think again! What are the Phalanx really after? What new players will change the game? Grab your weapon and join the fight for freedom with Wraith, Nova, Quasar, Star-Lord and more!

344 PGS./Rated T+
Artist: Kyle Hotz,
Sean Chen, &
Tom Raney Cover: Aleksi Briclot

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Product Type : Graphic Novel

Format: Hardcover


Superhero, Action





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