Anonymous Bronze Litra, Rome, 235-230 BC. Apollo/Horse Galloping, ROMA.

[ 4121]
Bronze Litra (16mm, 3.34gm.) Rome: 235-230 B.C.
References: RRC 26/3. CRR 29. BMCRR Romano-Campanian 70.
Laureate head of Apollo.
Horse galloping left, ROMA below.

Provided with certificate of authenticity.

by Sergey Nechayev, PhD -
Numismatic Expert

Contemporary with the cumbrous cast Aes Grave coinage, though apparently commencing a little later (circa 273 BC) small struck bronze coins of three denominations were issued by the Roman Republic for almost half a century, probably down to the time of the introduction of the silver quadrigatus about 225 BC. Clearly related to the contemporary silver didrachm coinage (and like them inscribed ROMANO in the earlier phase of production and ROMA after the First Punic War), their purpose was to facilitate commerse with the Greek cities of the south where the large cast As Grave of central Italy would not have been acceptable. Payment & Shipping:

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