Anri Wood Carving 6 1/2" Clown Figurine - Made in Italy - Really Beautiful

This figurine was hand carved - There is a lot of detail and it is an amazing piece. Beautiful. IT is made of wood. She has a tag on her that says ANRI Woodcarving Italy, and on the other side - Pierrot Baby Love. On the bottom of the piece in the back it says J. C. Gijert (it looks like) on the actual bottom - it says 135/1500 Design c Ed Michel Oks and there is a metal circular piece that says ANRI. Hand painted, as well. Approx 6 1/2" tall. Girl Clown with a baby chick on her hand and several at her feet. She has a basket of flowers on the other arm. Buyer to pay shipping and insurance costs of $10.00 in USA.