A note for buyers , in particular my friends from the EU . This is a vintage item , it is NOT either new or mint , you will not find words like superb , mint , as new ... etc etc in my auctions for vintage items ... so if you are a fuss pot with unrealistic dreams of perfection ...please realise ..... this is an ornament sold by an honest ebayer with no time for debates about specks of dust or a couple of mm of tarnish on decades old items ... not a viable working photographic tool you can use in your busy professional photographic career , and if you want a perfect , new in a box one , don`t waste any more time looking on ebay .... invest that time in building a time machine and go back into the far reaches of the last century , it`s the only sure way to achieve it . Please read the smaller script below the larger auction description if you get the time , we work VERY hard to get the auctions right and like all sellers we want the 5 star ratings on all 4 arears , we will send you what we auction , refund if it`s not right .... at our cost , post it almost instantly with a very reasonable P&P charge and send invoices etc bang on time , all we want is some thoughtful appreciation of our efforts and if we make a mistake , the same positive approach to resolving it that we will take , don`t assume the worst , it`s not like that ... read more