Ansonia Gold Medallion Wall Clock Chimes Model 745

Beautiful ANSONIA "Gold Medallion" wall clock with Bronze Bearings. Model #745. Found at a lovely estate sale this past weekend. This is about 25" tall, 14" wide and just slightly under 5 3/4" deep. Walnut or maple? Keeps time nicely, was tested! Plays the WESTMINSTER CHIMES. All paperwork pertaining to clock--including instructions-- is included along with the wind-up KEY! Carved florals on the top section of the door that does close with a latch. Gilted glass on the front door also with the words:

Lord, through this hour

Be thou our guide

So, by thy power

No foot shall slide

Face is beautiful on this and has a diameter of 7". Set inside a brushed metal casing. Has a nice, vine-like design on face. Pendulum has a grape design with items that remind me of cornucopias. ALL areas of this clock are in great condition!! This is a HEAVIER item and will be charging a higher shipping charge. ANY OVERCHARGE will be refunded SAME DAY OF SHIPMENT!! Will ship thru UPS Ground at work or thru Postal Service, whichever turns out to be the least expensive. I will check with both for you!! I will insure item myself. Would be a beautiful addition and heirloom in any room! Thank you for looking!

~~~Unless otherwise specified in the listing, all clocks we sell are complete and are ticking and striking.

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