Ansonia-Lisle Mantle Clock W/Key

Ansonia-Lisle Mantle Clock W/Key. "READ UP-DATE ON CLOCK INFO" ON BOTTOM. Just came out of clock shop and works great. Very nice looking mantle clock and in great condition. The face shows the trade mark Diamond with a "A" in the middle. The bottom says Manufactured by Ansonia Clock Company, New York. United States of America. Stamped on works Ansonia clock co New York and chimes every 1/2 Hour and hour. This is one of the better clocks I have had in a while, and I have quite a few, as you can see several up here now. This one will look great on any mantle and a great add to any collection you may have. It is 11" H X 10 1/4" W X 6" deep. Hope you like it. Came out of one great estate sale, where we bought out the whole estate. ADDED INFO ON THIS CLOCK... This is an Ansonia - Lisle Mantle Clock. The case isn't bronze: it's cast iron. It was first offered w/ a black finish and later w/ green or mahogany finish. I am told this someone who e-mailed us, and gave us the proper info on it. I wish to say thank you to him, as I like to be as honest as possible, and some times I get so busy, I don't do my homework. Thanks again for the info. Check out what we are selling it for, you do not want to miss this one. Works great and in great condition. SELLING THIS ESTATE OFF, SO NOW IS THE TIME TO BID, WE HAVE TO SETTLE THIS ESTATE SO OWNERS CAN ... read more