Ant / Vtg Krementz Gold Plate Mens Cuff Links, Collar Buttons, The Kings

Lot of (8) Vintage Antique Deco Krementz and The King 20th Century Cuff Links & Krementz 2 Collar Button, and 2 Missmatched Collar Buttons.

1 Pair Marked Krementz Gold Plate Deco design cuff link Engraved lines and flowers framing an oval unmonigramed area. They do have wear and some scratches.

1 Pair Marked The King 20th Century Brass & Celluloid cuff links have wear and the center part of the clip missing (pictured).

1 Pair Marked Krementz Plate collar buttons with wear and are bent.

1 Pair of miss matched unmarked and bent and worn.