Antenna insulators and lightning arrestors.

This is a collection of some use, some NOS, lightning arrestors, antenna insulators, feed line insulators and one very old antenna tuner. The first picture is of the entire group. The others are just closer views of the same items. The pictures were taken showing the worst sides of each part (chips, etc.). Starting at the top left, working down each row, then to the next row to the right, begins with a dark-brown, porcelain "Air Monarch" by "Consolidated". The plastic filler is still t on the under side. It has a minute chip on the lower edge of the two sides. Very very, small; The next one is a "Storm King" by the Solderall Co. of Newark NJ. It is brown porcelain The inscription on it says "Radio Lightning Protector Non-air gap" and the name and manufacturer. The filler on the underside is gone The condition is very good; The next one is "Storm King" by "L. S. Branch manufacturing Co.", also of Newark NJ. The pitch filling in the underside is t but loose. The body of this non-air gap type arrester is brown bakelite. Looks like it has never been used; Next is a black porcelain unit by Philco. The center post is ground and the two outer ones are for "antenna". Philco p/n 27-7741. Condition, new; The round one is from Chicago Radio and it is called the "Jewell". Condition is like new, no chips, etc; The item at the bottom of the row ... read more