Antietam Museum RELIC - Rare Iron Tasting Spoon

This lot contains a very rare cooking tasting spoon. Similar to onefrom the Revolution that I am currently selling but 2 inches longer. Measures 11 nches long witha shallow 2 1/4 inch bowl. The handle length and shallow bowl tell us that this was a tasting spoon used by the cooks to taste soup before it was fed to the troops. Some heat tempering still showing. Museum stable. Blacksmith made and hammer marks are on the bowl from when it was formed from a flat piece of iron. Small integral rat tail hanger that is amazing that it is still present. Excellent early recovered condition with age toning. Found by eye in the late1800's in a camp area. I am starting this below cost and not really comfortable to part with it, so if interest is not brisk at this time I reserve the right to delist it. Spoons that are this obviously tasting spoons and Civil War period are extremely hard to find.
This lot contains a tasting spoon that was once on display or owned by the Antietam museum and recovered in the Antietam area. The museum was opened in the early 1950's by Grafton Smith with most items recovered legally off of the battlefield before the park service owned large tracts of the land. In 1963, John and Rositta Ray purchased the museum intact. After the passing of John Ray, Rositta commissioned York Town Auction to sell the museum contents
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