Antiqu Gold Daphne Laurel Greek Mythology Cameo Pendant

Antiqu Gold Daphne Laurel Greek Mythology Cameo Pendant

Apollo's First Love Greek Roman Mother of Pearl

This is a lovely shell cameo pendant dating back to the Art Deco period solid 14K Gold and mother of pearl, handcarved with the likeness of the lovely young woman Daphne. Measuring 1.35 inches in length, the pendant/brooch weighs 4.8 grams. Greek myths have been a favorite subject of artists throughout history, and this lovely piece of art is no exception.The cameo depicts the tragic heroine Daphne, complete with laurel leaves wound around her lovely head. The cameo itself is in excellent condition, the simple circlet bezel of 14K Gold also in well preserved state, however, with 2 small indents, please see the pics for details.

Do you know the story of Apollo and Daphne?

"Daphne was Apollo's first love....not brought about by accident, but by the malice of Cupid. After teasing the boy god about playing with weapons meant for adults, Cupid, or Eros, drew from his quiver two different arros, oe to excite love, the other to repel it. With the arrow of love, he struck Apollo. With the arrow of repellence, he struck the nymph Daphne, daughter of the river god Peneus, who had consented to her wish to never marry. As a beautiful young woman, he warned her "Your own face will forbid it."

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