Antiquarian Book Fiction: Oliver Goldsmith's Bishop of Wakefield 1855 - complete

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You are looking at a genuine antiquarian book that was made probably before anyone we've ever know was born. 1855.

It is a great book, very insightful and while a timepiece also touches importantly on universal themes.

The cover is leather and well-worn. I know there is a word of the feathery type colouring on the edges of the pages, but I don't know the word and that is present in this book's manufacture. The pages are generally clean but it looks as if some typical Victorian flower pressing has gone on in a couple of places. A few grubby marks here and there to be expected for such a well-worn book. The book is in one piece but there is a bit of tension on the spine in some places.

Here are some Wikipedia statements

The Vicar of Wakefield is a novel by Irish author Oliver Goldsmith . It was written in 1761 and 1762, and published in 1766, and was one of the most popular and widely read 18th-century novels among Victorians

In literary history books the Vicar of Wakefield is often described as a sentimental novel , which displays the belief in the innate goodness of human beings. But it can also be read as a satire on the sentimental novel and its values, as the vicar's values are apparently not compatible with the real "sinful" world. It is only with Sir William
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