Antique 100A, 3 pole, 600V GE Circuit Breaker

Up for auction is this beautifully restored General Electric (G.E.) circuit breaker. As with the Crocker-Wheeler electric motor listed on another auction this unit was taken past the point of "just off the assembly line". This piece was elevated to a true showpiece while still maintaining it functional qualities.

As the nameplate indicates, this is a 100A, 600VAC, 3 pole unit. It is Type G, Form C (these are descriptive labels used prior to the establishment of NEMA Standards). This style breaker was patented on Jan. 28, 1895 & July 2, 1901.

Four of the photos are illustrations from a GE catalog dated January, 1914 with information and list pricing on this item.

The last two photos show the condition that I received this unit. All parts except for the windings on the low voltage coil and the arc barriers between the poles are original. From the condition of the carbon contacts this unit showed very little wear reflecting minimal tripping.

All brass & copper pieces have been buffed, polished and clear coated. The slate base has been surface ground to eliminate scratches & nicks.

The last two photos illustrate the unit as it was first acquired. With a 1-3/16" thick slate base this item weighs in at a hefty 26 lbs.

Dimensions are 13-3/4"H X 13-1/2"W X 7-1/2"D.

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