This doll is not marked anywhere that I can see, except on one arm by the elbow I see a G. Her head and neck plate are one piece, and is made of china or bisque. It is hard for me to tell the difference. It is a heavy supstance, but smooth. Her hands and arms are made of the same thing. One hand has some chipping and some missing ends of her 3 fingers. The other one looks fine. Her hair is black and in ringletts. Her face has black and gray coloring. I don't know if it was made this way, or if it faded. There is a streak of grayish black going down from her hair to her neck. I don't think this is a crack. I have looked at it with a magnifying glass, and it looks like just a streak of color from her hair. BUT, I am not sure. It is smooth. PLEASE look at the pictures. Her hair has a couple of rubs. See pics. Her elbows and hips have metal screws? or metal pieces in them to joint them. One of them at the hip hangs down some from where it should be. See pictur. Her body is leather, and her knees are jointed also. See pics. These clothes were on her, and are very nice. The slip is a silky material with lace that matches the dress. I see no prblems with either piece, The shoes look very very old, and so do the stockings. She is 14" tall. Please look at the pictures and ask any questions. If you have time, check out my other vintage dolls. ... read more