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is another great item from the Dr. William Collisson estate from Linton In. 14 in. high x 7 ½ in. wide Amphora pottery Art Nouveau Ewer, great decoration of Man on Horse back Playing Musical Instrument, great enameling, Mint original condition.

Buyer pays $ 18.00 shipping and insurance.

The best guarantee on eBay- Our return policy is simple, if we make a mistake in out listing in regard to age or condition of an item we will refund all cost which includes price paid, shipping and insurance cost both ways and any paypal fees check out our feedback record and bid with confidence We have been buying antiques for over 35 years and our reputation means more to us than anyoneâe(tm)s money. Regards Doug

Notice - this has 14 bidders who have it on their Watch list. Seeing how it is now common practice for most to wait at the end to bid hoping they may be the only one interested & buy an item for its low opening bid, or 5.00 over the current bid, I post in my ads a few days before sale ends how many people have that item on their watch list. I got tired of those that either forgot what time the item went off or put in an opening bid that was 5.00 over the posted bid with 8 seconds to go not realizing they w one of many waiting to bid & send
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