This exquisite bracelet belonged to my grandmother and dates approx 1900. The reason I am selling it is because I'm recently disabled and no longer able to attend occasions w I could wear an elegant bracelet and also because my husband and I are short on funds. When my mother died over 10 years ago, I learned quite a bit about jewelry and silver. I'm sure anyone could just say this - but I truly had over 500 feedbacks - all positive. For some reason, I can't recover that eBay ID, probaby because I haven't been selling jewely in over 10 years. My point is that I know not to overprice items and I also am well informed about jewelry and silver. This is a hand constructed bangle bracelet.The top section is hand filigree constructed in 14K white gold. (I have learned that white gold is more valuable than platinum, though I always thought the opposite.) The bottom section is hand constructed 14 K. Please note! The lighter color gold in the pictures is the actual color. The top white gold section is set with 3 large mine cut diamonds and six smaller full cut diamonds. The weight of each of the 3 large diamonds is .50 carats. (I do not know the weight of the 6 smaller diamonds but as you see in the picture, they are much smaller than the large ones.) In case my pictures are not clear, t are two smaller diamonds on either side of the

I cannot imagine anyone not loving this beautiful bangle bracelet. If a buyer is somehow not satisfied, I will return your money in full as well as pay for return shipping. I will accept a check, but I'm afraid I'd have to wait for the check to clear before sending this. I prefer Paypal and they make it simple to charge it with your other credit cards. Please don't hesitate to ask me questions. I will pay for insurance to give me piece of mind.

I was able to get a more accurate measurement for someone with my sophisticated way of using dental floss and a ruler. It measures exactly 6 and 1/2 inches.
In case it is not clear below, I will ship to Canada - and worldwide in general.
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