Antique 14 Wonderful Gebruder Kuhnlenz 32-23 German Wood Jointed Doll Early 1900

This is a very old 14" Doll with closed mouth and glass eyes, to the best of my knowledge, it is a Gebruder Kuhnlenz, Numbered 32-23 on the head My guess is the early 1900s
She is an amazing old doll with wood jointed body. The head is bisque and the body is jointed. The head swivels on a joint I saw only one piece of wood that didn't look original on one of the legs near the waist, but didn't want to tear the dress off, as it is a sewn up the back one She comes with dress Slip pantaloons socks and shoes
Selling as pictured Thank you for stopping by my gallery, and I have several antique German dolls for sale from a Midwest estate.