The subjects of Victorian cameos were often taken from Greek or Roman mythology. This stunning cameo is a depiction of the beautiful Persephone who was the daughter of the earth goddess Demeter. Gorgeous cameos were hand carved depicting her beauty and the flowers in her hair and on her shoulder are her symbols. Her lips and facial features are so intricate and life-like!
The value of a cameo is in the quality of its carving and size, and the detail cameo is excellent. It measures 2-1/8" by 1-7/8". The cameo itself measures a tad under 2" by 1-5/8" a nice large size cameo! The detail in her hair and the flowers that sit on the folds in her dress are intricately carved as you hopefully can see in my photos. She is framed with a nice 14 K solid yellow gold frame with a tiny engraved accent. Perfect and perfectly made as not to detract from the high quality of the cameo itself. It is marked K14 and jeweler tested. This cameo came directly out of an old estate and Italian in origin. It will be sent in its original old box marked with the store that appears to be in Rome. Some of the finest cameo artisans were from Italy. It is in EXCELLENT condition with no cracks or lines in the cameo. It has an old barrel hinge on both the cameo and the attached bail that swivels down when not in use. A beautiful antique quality cameo to wear

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