Antique 14K White Gold .52 Carat Diamond Dinner Ring

we have a fabulous antique 14K white gold diamond ring. This ring is so shiny and brilliant that it was very difficult to get good detailed pictures without a glare.

The top of the ring is oval in shape and measures 3/4" long and 7/16" wide. The design runs lengthwise on the finger. T is beautiful white gold scalloped bridgework underneath the top of the ring. It stands up 1/4" from the finger.

T are 3 round brilliant cut diamonds set in the middle of the ring, with the center one being the largest. The largest diamond measures 3.2 mm, about 12 - 13 points. Each of the smaller ones measure 2.5 mm, or about 6 points apiece. T is millgraining around the center of the ring w these 3 diamonds are set.

The outer edge of the ring is scalloped with beautiful millgraining all around. T are 14 single cut diamonds around the edge of the ring. Each of these diamonds is at little over 2 points. Total diamond weight for the ring is approximately .52 carat.

The quality of all these diamonds is exceptional. I see no inclusions in any of the diamonds with a 10x loupe. These are VS/GH diamonds and are absolutely brilliant. I was surprised when I calculated the diamond weight of this ring to be .52 carat. It certainly gives the impression of more diamond weight, but I'm sure this is due to the fact that these diamonds
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