***PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION*** This is one of 5 bottles I have that was found at the site of the 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet shipwrecks. These were sunk on July 31st, 1715 by a Hurricane off the Florida coast. T were 11 ships in the fleet, that started in Havana and it is believed all went down. They were separated by several miles. Some say one ship survived. T were over 2500 men and over 1000 died. These were carrying gold, silver, jewelry and many other items. It was many years before treasure started being brought up. "Mel Fisher" was one of the divers participating in the recovery efforts. T are still items being brought up today. This is one of the bottles found at that site. It is a dark olive green in color. It looks black. Very few are found in this condition. T are no chips or cracks. It has a slightly textured finish from being in the water so long. It has a slightly indented bottom with an inverse smoothed pontil. The glass is a heavier glass. I have left it as I got it. I got all the bottles in the 70's from a diver who was working this site. I do not know exactly which of the fleet ship sites he worked. I did not keep track of his name. All I can tell you is that the recovery ship had the word "Eagle" in it somehow. When diving on these sites, sometimes other wrecks can overlap each other. This was recovered at the ... read more