's a very old and rare SOLID STEEL SOCKET SPADE made by CHARLES ALBERT MAYNARD circa 1865 in Northhampton, Mass..
All original with one-piece wooden handle and 1/8" thick heavy steel spade. Overall length is 44". Metal is 18" x 7 1/2". Blade, itself, is 11 1/1"long, 7 1/2" across the shoulder and 7" across the cutting edge. The socket or frog is 1 1/2" in diameter. This is a heavy spade weighing in at close to 6 lbs.
T is embossed lettering at the top of the socket that is a little hard to read but says "C. A. MAYNARD - SOLID STEEL" and what looks like may be the word "PATENT" and possibly a number. Near the corners of the shoulder on the blade is stamped "2nd QUAL.". I found some geneological information from the 1920s that had this to say about the maker - "Charles Albert Maynard born in Shelbourne Falls, Mass Feb. 5, 1842. reared in Shelbourne Falls and Easthampton, receiving his education in the local schools and at Williston Seminary. He was in Boston about five years, coming to Northhampton about 1865, and engaged in the manufacture of shovels, spades and agricultural implements. He has built up a large and prosperous business. The principle products of the manufactury is the Maynard Patent Solid Steel Socket Shovel, which is well known throughoyut the United States."
Superb quality of manufacture as is attested
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