Antique 1850-1920 Scrapbook Can Labels Seed Package Etc

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I posted 12 photos of this scrapbook. I use ebay for hosting my photos. It allows up to twelve. If you like more photos of every single page or the outside cover I will be very happy to email them to you

I bought this at a estate sell of a family who was first pioneers in 1850's I believe it was Hamilton County. House was left abandon for years with their family heirlooms inside. It wasn't until it got broke into that they decided to call someone to auction items off.

This book is one of three I bought and I fine rather different and unique. The book is a original J.L Taylor & Co The All Wool Book Fall and Winter 1914-1915. They used it as a scrapbook. Its stands 23 inches tall and 17 inches wide. Is a heavy book. T is wear and damage along the edges. Some soil. The inside is about the same.

Contents are really neat to look at. I tried to look up some of the can and seed labels but had no luck. T is Livingston Seed Co advertising, victorian ladies, clipping of a boy with a rifle in one hand and rabbit in the other, John Deere sheridan HDWE Co.... 127 can and seed labels, animal clippings, couple elsie cow clippings, I think some my be trade cards, bird clippings, some advertising clippings, Boy Scouts clippings, some
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