Antique 1850s Venetian paperweight / sulfure

Antique Venetian paperweight (probably by Bigaglia) : 2.5 inch / 64 mm /diameter
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Rare antique Venetian paperweight, probably made by Bigaglia in the 1840s. The weight contains many good sections of cane (rather than just broken bits), white and multi-coloured latticino spirals, lengths of ribbon, and aventurine. The colours of the glass used and the cane designs are very similar to those found in dated and signed Bigaglia weights. The base has a recessed pontil mark with fine radial saw lines around it. (See images.) The weight is in good original condition and has not been repolished - the surface still carries the irregular ripples from blocking during manufacture, along with some small dimples from collapsed bubbles. T are a couple of small shallow bruises on the surface, but these are not easy to see. Diameter 2.5 inch / 64 mm, height 1.4 inch / 35 mm. Use 'Buy it Now' and I will pay the postage - but please note that under eBay rules the 'Buy it Now' option will vanish once the reserve price has been reached.
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