Antique c. 1860-1920 Islamic Arabic Bedouin hammered 6.25" Dallah Coffee Pot

A dallah ( Arabic : دلة ‎) is a traditional Arabic coffee pot used for centuries to brew and serve Qawha (gahwa), an Arabic coffee or Gulf coffee made through a multi-step ritual, and Khaleeji, a spicy, bitter coffee traditionally served during feasts like Eid ul-Fitr. [1]

It is commonly used in the coffee tradition of the Arabian peninsula and of the Bedouins . [2] Old Bedouins used the ritual of coffee preparation, serving and drinking as a sign of hospitality, generosity and wealth. In much of the Middle East it is still connected to socializing with friends, family and business partners, so it is typically present in the main rites of passage, such as births, marriages and funerals and some business meetings. [

This beautiful 6.25" Middle Eastern Dallah is in excellent condition. It is ornately decorated with a hammered design. It has a lovely patina of red, brass, and gold colors. It has been signed in two places. This will be a welcome addition to your collection.

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