Antique 1860 Victorian 10k Gold Hand Carved Angel Skin Coral Cameo Ring!!

Antique 1860's Victorian 10k Gold Hand Carved Angel Skin Coral Cameo Ring!!

4.6 Grams total weight

Any item over 200.00 will be invoiced for insurance

Size and Measurements : The ring is a size 4.25. This may be re-sized if desired. Make sure to check with your local jeweler to see if they size silver rings. Some do not. Please be aware of your own size before placing a bid. Coral shows wear from being so old!

Details of Style & or Stones(s):

This is an amazing and beautiful ring! This is one beautiful Victorian Era Yellow Gold Ring! This beautiful ring features one of the more rare stones in Victorian Era jewelry! At the center of the ring there is a hand carved piece of Angel Skin Coral. Angel Skin Coral is widely sought after for it's rarity and beautiful white and pink colors, it just looks so elegant! The carving features a high relief hand carved Greek or Roman lady of the day with very detailed attributes to the woman. Imagine the skill and patience it takes to hand crate a carving like this beautiful piece of coral, i know i cannot! Antique Carved Coral is by far some of the rarest jewelry on the planet, highly sought after for it's extraordinary beauty! Classic and amazing hand made gold work around the beautiful high relief carving. The gold work features an open and textured
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