Antique 1863 Print - How To Mix Drinks - Bon-Vivants Companion - Jerry Thomas

This is an original copy from 1863 of the book "How To Mix Drinks" or "The Bon-Vivant's Companion".
The book features over 600 recipes for the making of cordials, liquors, fancy syrups and more. The book contains over 200 pages for recipes including mixed drinks (such as Egg Flip, Porrt Cup), the manufacture of cordials (bitters, brandy, and Danzinger Drops) and many, many more.
The small (approximately 7 inches tall) book is in still readable condition, but the binding is not intact and the book is in essence in two sections. As you can see, the cover is also not in good shape.
Still, though, a rare book that could be a nice addition to your collection.