Antique 1880 Wooden Cigar Box A C Baker Fort Wayne, IN

This is beautiful 1880 Antique Wooden Red Seal Cigar Box from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. (128 Years old!)
T is a Union Stamp on this box that says, "Sept. 1880, Issued by Authority of the Cigar Makers International Union of America, Union-Made Cigars, This Certifies that the cigars contained in this box have been made by a FIRST CLASS WORKMAN, a member of the Cigar Makers' International Union of America, an organization devoted to the advancement of the MORAL, MATERIAL AND INTELLECTUAL WELFARE OF THE CRAFT. Tfore we recommend these cigars to all smokers throughout the world. All infringements upon this label will be punished according to law."
The Tax Stamp is for 50 cigars and has the photo of a gentleman on it.
The back has a paper label that says "A. C. Baker & Bro., Factory No. 324, 6th District of Ind. Notice! The Manufacturers of the cigars in contained have complied with all the requirements of law. Every person is cautioned not to use either this box for cigars again, or the stamp ton again, nor to remove the contents of this box without destroying said stamp under the penalties provided by law in such cases."
The inside says Red Seal Trade Mark, Manufactured by A. C. Baker, Fort Wayne, Ind.
The box is 8" long x 4 7/8" deep x 2 1/4" high.
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