Antique 1880s Eastlake Walnut 3 Piece Bedroom Set

Antique 1880s 3 Piece Walnut Eastlake Bedroom Set in original condition. Being sold as found and with no recent modifications.
This set was purchased in Portage Wisconsin and came from an antique store in the 1930's. It was put up for sale due to owner going to nursing home.
A note on Eastlake Furniture Style-Charles Lock Eastlake, a non-conformist, (1836-1906), as an English Architect who was interested in both the outside construction and inner furnishings of the homes he designed, he complained that the furniture of his day was flimsy and minus styling. Rectilinear forms and Geometric Designs were more pleasing to him than curves which destroyed strength, lacked comfort and wasted wood. So he wrote a book, entitled Hints on Household taste, Furnishings, Upholstery and other Details, Pub. 1868 which explained his thesis. Unfortunately, machines were new toys and the men who ran them were willing to accept his box outline, but could not resist adding unnecessary embelishments with machine grooves, spindles, chipped carving, moldings, turnings, brackets and additional appendages which could almost overpower, making a mockery of their Mentors simplicity theme. While much of the English Eastlake was in Oak, Walnut examples appeared in the U.S.
I am sure this set is Walnut, I also believe Eastlake himself would approve
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