Antique 18K Gold Heavy 5.1 Gram Wedding Band Ring

This is a heavy wedding band. Small of size as fits on my little finger. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT SIZE THIS IS..Just buy it as scrap Inscribed inside John and Cassie Marked 18 as you can see.. Beautifully made and nice feel. While it will most likely sell for scrap price it is a very wonderful ring.I believe it was made in the late 19TH Century and came from one of the relatives from Boston and Nantucket. Thanks for looking! Great Valentines Gift, and if you are like me you can have it as a charm on your loop earring if it does not fit on one of your fingers, or use it as a charm and or pendant on bracelet or necklace

Hi I have found a date on the inside of the ring and it is 1864. I also took pics of the ring on a ruler. Again you that know will be able to decipher the size. PLEASE do not buy/bid on this ring in the hope it will fit you and then get buyers remorse as I will not take it back if the size does not fit. So if you do not know what the measurements are to figure out the ring size go to a jeweler and ask please, or do not bid, and only b id if you want it for scrap. Sorry to be like this, but I don't sell gold as to size just as to scrap as I only know what karat it is and how much it weighs. Thanks for your interest.

Someone wrote me and thought how romantic . The date 1864 would be the time

Just watching an old Sex and The City And MR BIG his name was JOHN and inside it sure looks like JOHN AND CARRIE ; ) Hahahhahhahahahah Hey guys, great ring for you to buy!! hehheheheh

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